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Thought I would start off this blog site with the most important tool that your body has been blessed with, your mindset! Now before I go on let me start by explaining what I mean by this. A mindset is a state of thought, a vision, or true belief in oneself future, or present experiences. Learning how to overcome obstacles and certain road blocks require a strong mindset. This can be crucial for anyone looking to reach a higher state of existence to become something that most people could not be, and to achieve things most people could only dream of. Your mindset controls every minute of your day if your mindset is week and easily disturbed then you will loose focus become weak minded and never reach your true potential. Developing a strong mindset will not only lead you towards a path of greatness but will also keep you away from the negative distractions that will halt progression and growth. Back when I competed in Mixed Martial Arts competition this was a vital source to my preparation heading into a fight, if my mind was weak or easily distracted the outcome would lead to a loss. It was only when my mindset was clear of distraction with confidence in my preparation lead me to be successful. The same goes for all aspects in life, if your mindset is not at an optimal level then there will be no triumph. Your mindset controls everything so make sure you control your mind!
Phil Daru
Owner of Daru Fitness Performance, Daru Strong LLC
ACE Certified Trainer
Degree in Sports Medicine 
Award Winning Strength Coach