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by Sydney Zbytniewski

If you are one of those who cannot stand drinking water, you might want to start reconsidering. Water is the main nutrient for all things living and it provides the correct circulation for the body. Without it we simply would not exist.

One of the many benefits to drinking water that perks peoples interest is it helps make you leaner. When well hydrated the body won’t retain as much water, in return it causes a thinner appearance due to the loss of water weight. It also can help burn more fat by naturally boosting your metabolism.

Water can also help balance out your skin. When hydrated, acne will clear up and skin can get tighter, slowing down the process of aging. It leaves you with an overall healthy glow, which is caused by the clearing out of dirt and toxins from underneath your skin.

Your brain is highly dependent on water in order to function properly. Throughout the day your body loses water, which needs to get replaced. Without proper rehydration, your brain will feel fatigued and you will feel unbalanced. Drinking water has shown results in shrinking the grey matter of your brain, which causes premature mental aging. In addition, it will aid you in having a better memory and a stronger focus.

Before my knowledge of the effects of drinking lots of water, I used to avoid drinking it. I would have a cup of coffee with my breakfast, glass of sweet tea with my lunch, and a glass of soda with dinner. At this time I suffered from water retention, acne, lack of energy, and headaches. When I researched and found out the cause of my problems were from not drinking enough water consistently throughout the day, I decided to change my habits. Now that I drink more water I’m much happier with how healthy my body looks and feels.