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Growing up as a kid I have always wanted to be the biggest and strongest in my circle of peers, this lead me to start weight training at an early age. I first started lifting weights at the age of 14, I had an old olympic weightlifting barbell with rusted plates that my mother found at a garage sale. We put it in the garage and I would do my curls and floor presses (before I even knew what a floor press was) because I did not have a bench to press off of. Anyways I remember not really knowing what I was doing but I remember feeling a deep burn in my muscle fibers every time I slowed the relaxation or lengthening portion of the movement, better known as the eccentric phase. As I began to grow and learn more about hypertrophy I found that the slower or more controlled the movement was the harder, and more intense of a contraction I would feel. Everyone is subsequently stronger in the eccentric phase of a contraction  which will help you slow the movement to help you fully stretch and grow the fibers of the working muscle. Slowing the tempo of an eccentric contraction will ultimately lead to faster muscle growth and a deeper burn during your set. Thus creating more blood flow to the desired muscle (the pump). Try slowing your eccentric phase of repetitions to around 3-4 seconds down 1 second concentric and 0 seconds at the end of the movement. This will lead to more time under tension and creating a stronger muscle pump to promote maximum hypertrophy in that working muscle. Test it out and watch your body grow to the monster you envision it to be!