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As a coach and athlete I get questions all the time about plateauing in programs and what they should do to help get over it. And whether this be from a strength/power, hypertrophy, or diet problem my answer will always be to do more NOT LESS! But before you go on thinking I’m some crazy lunatic who just wants to see people work hard for their goals, let me explain my reasoning behind what I’m saying. Whenever a certain stimulus has brought itself on to the your body and your body excepts and adapts to the demands that has been put onto it, this will in turn cause the dreaded plateau affect, which will stop gains in its tracks completely. Let me give you an example of an athlete of mine who has been on my diet program to get ready for his first physique competition and has been dropping body fat and gaining lean muscle while maintaining strength and energy in the gym. But of course like all good things they must come to an end, he proceeds to call me stating that the first 4 weeks were great I dropped 10 pounds and went down 6 percent body fat as well but now I’m stuck and cant drop any more weight. He then went on and asked me if he should cut his calories down more to help drop more weight, my response to him was don’t do less do more, up your cardio to 4 days a week at 30 minute sessions slow steady state. This would be an increase of work capacity through frequency causing a higher energy output to help rev up metabolism and burn more calories. Instead of starving his body more by giving him less we did more and now he went down 5 more pounds since he started this 4 days prior. Same thing goes for strength athletes if your finding yourself not hitting any PR’s in the gym and have actually decreased in daily 1rm then my advise to you would to take a single day off and then DO MORE. Meaning a higher frequency of training which will recruit a higher output response and a greater recovery thus helping you bust out a new PR. I believe people are afraid to go outside their comfort zone do not want to hard way or the “GRIND” its about constant progression in order to do that you must be capable of doing more and being calculated in your approach. Train hard, train smart, keep grinding and DO MORE!

Phil Daru
Founder of Daru Strong Specialized Training Systems LLC
Strength and Conditioning Coach
Degree in Sports Medicine Exercise Science
ACE Certified