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There are many times in an athlete’s life where they may feel not at their best or even worse not good at all, this is a common endeavor that plagues many of great individuals. In sports like in life the mind plays a pivotal role in how we think, feel, react, and perform. Without a strong “mental game” it will be very difficult to take your game to the highest level possible and sustain success. Which is why having confidence in your abilities and your preparations are a key factor in victory or defeat. Now the question is, can this be acquired or just genetically given to those who are what we called “gifted”. I can assure you that this is not the end all answer to the circumstance but it will be beneficial for those looking to gain a solid steel coated confidence that can not be penetrated even through the worst of circumstances. Mike Tyson used to say that the entire time during his training camps he would be petrified of his opponent and what they might do to


him and what may happen, but the key there was to make the fear become his motivator turning his preparation into a solid foundation of confidence to be used at the right times. He then went on to state that even up until the fight itself he would have butterflies, but as soon as he started to walk to the ring the confidence began to build feeling like “a God” as he put it, and becoming untouchable. By the time Tyson stepped into the ring he had absolute confidence that he would not only win but be dominating. The key to confidence is not some genetic gift or only for a chosen few, it comes from the mindfulness of the preparation and hard work that was put in day in and day out to be the best. Another key factor is what some psychiatrist may call “self talk” this can be anything that brings happiness and readiness into your mind words like (I’m the best, no one can beat me, I worked harder than anyone, I deserve this victory) all are great self talk words or tools that can be used to help boost that much needed edge of confidence. Remembering past victories can also be beneficial, remember how that win made you feel, and how happy and accomplished you felt after you were victorious. The edge you need is in you and the thoughts that are embedded in you and your ability to be great. Take on the challenge with a Muhammad Ali approach “I AM THE GREATEST” and trust me you will feel unstoppable!


                                                                     Written by: Phil Daru

  • Award Winning MMA Strength Conditioning Coach
  • Sports Medicine Degree
  • ACE Certified Trainer
  • Owner Daru Strong Specialized Training Systems